A Radical Notion?

There’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. I’ve barely voiced it to anyone because I fear people think I have lost my damn mind and gone completely off the political rails. But hear me out, please.

I am tired of the concept of states as they exist in the USA.

First, we are clearly not United. Second, we are a far more mobile society than we used to be.

Perhaps I am alone in this opinion, but I’ve moved around a lot. And the only thing that stays the same is my passport. I’m not opposed to having local representation in federal government. Nor am I advocating for federal control over municipalities. But the world has shrunk and many of us move around a lot which essentially prohibits us from meaningfully participating in local government. My current living arrangement was meant to last for 2-3 months but instead has stretched out to 5 months with no permanent home on the horizon. I’ve gone to great pains to maintain my legal address in my former location for many reasons: to vote in this election, for tax purposes, for work purposes, credit purposes… but the longer I’m here, the more difficult it is. I do not want to change all my information to reflect a temporary living arrangement just so I can change it all over again in the next location. It’s a hassle, it’s expensive and it wrecks your credit.

Everything is entirely too dependent on what state you live in. I almost couldn’t buy a car in one state because my legal residence was in another. That’s stupid. When I say, “Please take my money!” your response shouldn’t be, “Only if you live here.” Thank Zeus for smart phones. I was able to change my address on an account through my phone and then show proof that I had an account with my temporary address on it. And in doing so, screwed up my plan to not become a resident here. I’m walking a fine line. I just want to make it to January for tax purposes.

I’m having the same issue trying to become involved in any sort of group that advocates for things I believe in. You have to be a member of a local chapter. If BLM can grow through Twitter, surely other groups can allow for involvement on a national, not local level. After all, I’m an introvert and prefer to do things online anyway. I don’t need to be in any one location.

So yeah, I’m kind of over States Rights at this point. And I doubt very much that that’s a popular opinion.