I’m Where I Need To Be

I’ve said it many times: I don’t believe in fate. I don’t believe anything is preordained or destined. If X hadn’t happened that led to Y, Y may or may not have happened. It just wouldn’t have happened exactly how or when it did because of X. And while I appreciated the sentiments while I was waiting to adopt a child, I still don’t believe this child was meant for me in a way that some other child wouldn’t have been. Is this child and adoption situation a good match for us? Yes. Would all other children not have been? No.

That said, I’ve found the good in living with my in-laws at the moment. My preemie kid is not in day care. My MIL and BIL are both getting support they wouldn’t have otherwise had available. And now my uncle is very ill – perhaps gravely – and I live closer to him than I ever have before. And that’s good for both him and me.

So, yeah. This weird move has lasted much longer than I anticipated and my nerves are growing thin. But I’m where I need to be right now.


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