A realization came to me last night and another this morning.

1. I’m not reading enough AND
2. I need to make some lists

First off, since moving my life has been so uncertain I’ve somehow stopped reading books. I tend to favor watching TV shows now. I suppose its understandable. Both are escapes but one is more mindless than the other.

But with the outcome of the election I am feeling a very real need to take back control. To pull my head out of the sand do something about the things I CAN control. There’s so much uncertainty in my life right now I’ve just been ignoring pretty much everything. But there are some things I CAN control. And I need to start doing them.

First step is LISTS. I love lists. Just making a list calms me. So I’m gonna first make a list of all the lists I need to make. And then I’m gonna take back what control I have.

Now soliciting items to put on my list. Ideas welcome.


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