I Wish I Could Write About Anything Else

Well…it’s no secret that I’m disappointed today. Among many other emotions. I did not drink my bubbly. I did not put the Future President onesie on my daughter.

I am sad that the country I thought I knew and loved is not actually what I thought it was.
I am mad that kids are scared.
I am outraged that adults are making fun of kids who are scared and/or dismissing their fears.
I am sick of my emotions being described as “butt hurt.”

Things I heard today:

  • Your brown kids don’t need to be scared if they are citizens.
    1. This implies that undocumented kids should be scared. YOU ARE ADVOCATING FOR SCARING CHILDREN FOR SOMETHING THEY HAVE NO CONTROL OVER.
    2. Excuse me? When was the last time someone asked for your proof of citizenship before engaging in racist behavior?
  • If your kids are scared it’s your fault. This was followed by one of two possible reasonings:
    1. You’re not raising your kids in a bubble and exposing them to things they shouldn’t be exposed to.
    2. OR you ARE raising your kids in a bubble and that’s why they are too sensitive. For the love of peanut butter WHICH IS IT? Do I bubble wrap my child or not?
  • Republicans didn’t act this way when Obama was elected. You’re joking, right? RIGHT?
  • I’m tired of my non-racist white friends living in rural America with no economic relief being accused of being racist. Um…I can’t help you. Those poor, poor white males with lives that matter.🎻

Maybe tomorrow I can find a non-political topic. For now, me and my “butt hurt” are going to play with my kid and relish the fact that she’s too young to know what’s going on.