Tomorrow It Ends

Win, lose or draw, tomorrow MIL’s land line better STOP RINGING.

For a person with phone anxiety, this election has been extra difficult. When we first moved here, we put MIL on the Do Not Call List. Since she still works, she had no clue how often her phone was ringing during the day. It seemed to help at first but then the campaigning ramped up and now the phone freaking rings NON STOP.

Add to that, mentally unbalanced BIL sometimes calls repeatedly as well. Or knocks/rings the bell after being told he’s not welcome today.

My anxiety is already up and my concentration down due to just the general facts of this election. The incessant ringing of all the things has not helped.


ringing phone

This is how bad it is, folks. I’m using effing Clip Art. Next stop: Comic Sans. It must end here.


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