X Marx the Fox

What to do with this space? I originally created this space because I felt I’d outgrown my old blog which was all about infertility. I didn’t really want to turn that blog into an adoption blog or a parenting blog so I created this space. And then continued to periodically blog in my old space because it still felt…comfy. Meanwhile, this space sat dormant.

Mainly because it has no focus.

But maybe it doesn’t need focus? I named it X Marx the Fox. So it should be whatever I need it to be for wherever I (aka the Fox) find myself. Right? The X can be whatever I need it to be. I still don’t want to have an adoption or parenting blog. But maybe I should just write about whatever here and not worry about a theme.

So. Where is the Fox right now?

I’m in transition. I’m between permanent houses, living with in-laws. I’m a new adoptive Mom. I am faced with a lot of in-law drama I’m not sure how to handle. And I can’t really talk about half it. I’m worried for my country and the strain of this election. So much of my life is characterized by uncertainty at the moment.

So perhaps it’s best that the X be a moving target for now.


2 thoughts on “X Marx the Fox

  1. Yes! I sometimes feel a need a new space, but I’m attached to mine, you know? My blog was never intended to be about infertility so maybe I don’t need to move. I do want a domain though. Need to work on that!


    • Yeah, my original blog was all about infertility. After my hysterectomy I didn’t feel like it was right to blog there anymore. Yet, it still felt more…homey. So I created this one but never used it much. I’m doing #NaBloPoMo this month to try and find a voice for this space.


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