Did I meet you at BlogHer?

I’m guessing that my appearance at BlogHer2014 will mean that at least a handful of people will stop by here.


I thought I should clarify a few things.

1. Yes, this space is in dire need of a makeover. Despite having bought the domain almost a year ago I have done almost nothing with it. Yet. So, yes, I know it looks bad. That will be remedied. I promise.

B. No, no one reads this blog yet. Until yesterday only about 3 people knew this space existed. But now the address is on my business cards. I have ideas for this space but they are still somewhat amorphous. I’m hoping that BlogHer will help me figure it all out.

III. If you want to read more from me than the handful of posts here then you should check out my other blog Fox In The Henhouse. It’s an infertility blog. The word uterus is used. A LOT. Just warning you.

Conspiracy of Cats

The other day I woke up, got out of bed and promptly stepped barefoot in cat pee.

On my purse.

Which I had not left on the floor.

Yes, it was just as gross and disgusting as you think it was.

I just moved and Geriatric Kitty is not adjusting well. This was not the first rogue cat pee I’ve dealt with since we moved. But now I’m starting to wonder if there’s a bigger conspiracy. I sincerely doubt she was the one that knocked the purse onto the floor. She’s old. That would require too much energy. She just peed on it because it was there.

So which of the other two cats is conspiring against me?

Perhaps I should take this opportunity to introduce them all for any of you who do not read my Infertility Blog (because if you’re not infertile why would you?).

Geriatric Kitty – my 16 year old white cat who I think is always on the verge of death, but in fact just needs to take pills every 12 hours (for now)

The Escape Artist (formerly known as Freckle Cat) – my 4 year old white cat who may, or may not, have the makings of skin cancer on her nose (hence the freckle nickname) but has proven time and again that she deems escaping our house a true art form and is determined to earn an advanced degree in the Escape Arts.

Bitchy Cat – my 4 year old brown tabby/Maine Coon looking cat who loves only me. She’s the only one that is photogenic and she hates everyone else in the house. Hobbies include terrorizing Geriatric Kitty and scratching Right Guy.

Here are some mug shots of the feline suspects. Who did it? Which one needs to start saving her allowance to buy me a new purse?

Bitchy Cat white cats