This blog WILL go somewhere. Eventually. I promise.

[It will also get a makeover at some point in the hopefully near future.]

I was going to start it off by chronicling my efforts to organize my house. Not because I’m some master of organization that aims to become your go-to organization guru but because I thought if I made it public I might actually stick with it. I am Queen of starting, but rarely finishing, projects. Well, maybe not Queen, but it’s definitely something I excel at.

In true Fox fashion, pretty much as soon as that effort started it ended. This time not due me failing at it but because my landlord announced that he wanted to sell the house. So instead of organizing I began mentally packing. I say mentally because my landlord gave us several months lead time so while I aimed to organize back in January it’s now June and I’m only just now actually moving my stuff. So I only got as far as organizing (part of) the wine collection.

The new house (sadly, another rental) is not conducive to wine storage (no AC and no basement) so much of our wine will go into a storage facility that specializes in wine storage. Geez, that makes me sound like an obnoxious wine douche. I like wine. Good wine. Wine that you age 5-20 years before drinking. Obnoxious?  Maybe. Privileged? Surely. But I promise I’m not a dick. Or a douche. I mean, Julia Child was Mistress of fancy French cuisine but she could still appreciate McDonald’s french fries. Although I may not like most wines that come in box form, I will not judge you for drinking them. If you like it, great.

So anyway, that’s one explanation for why this blog has faltered. The other is that I’m still blogging on my other site where I write way too much about my uterus and I had all manner of major things happening on that front this past Spring. This blog is supposed to be about things other than my now-evicted uterus, infertility and all things related to the pursuit of parenthood. Because I am more than that. And I have more to say.